4165km fr Moscow (Fri) 14 May 2010

Woohoo! Definitely feel more rested today. The Russians miraculously didn’t make any noise last night. But a shame that the train started pulling into stations at 5, 7 and 8am. I’ve learnt that I can’t sleep through platform stops.

After the apprehension of the past few days, this morning, it actually felt quite nice to have no where to be, no where to go, and nothing to do!

We passed the halfway point between Moscow and Beijing this morning at 3932-33 km. Three more nights to go!

(LT 15.13)

Ronan the tour guide came by on this way back from lunch at the restaurant car and brought me a bottle of cherry juice.

Why does it feel like he’s hitting on me? At the same time, I don’t want to be vain and presumptuous. Maybe he’s just, I don’t know, REALLY nice?

So he invited himself in and sat down. I have no choice. What? Was I supposed to tell him that, oh, I’ve decided to get off at the next stop?

We talked about his love of Beijing. What the Mongolians are like (apparently calm, peaceful, no concept of time-keeping, few tourist infrastructure and support). His charges on his tour. Northern Europe (Stockholm is the place to go for nice architecture, and Norway is the place to go for dramatic scenery and nature, he says).

The carriage attendant tells me they eat and sleep according to Beijing time. Which really makes sense.

Just bought some food from the platform ladies at Ilanskaya: chicken drumstick, two types of dumplings, and two other pasty-dumplingy things. In terms of food, this has been the best station stop so far!

(LT 19.40)

There is still snow and ice on the ground outside. Been considerably warmer today, but seems to get really chilly in the evenings again.

(LT 21.00)

Fantastic views as the train winds around bends!


3 thoughts on “4165km fr Moscow (Fri) 14 May 2010

  1. woaw, looks still very nice… and I’m just letting you know, that I’m still following here… It’s nice to read your adventure! And I was beginning to think you really gave it up.

  2. Ahh….thanks a bunch Smiley!

    Seriously, I am REALLY struggling. Things have happened (and are happening) faster than I can write. Or perhaps more accurately, faster than I desire to write. Hmpf…..

    Doesn’t help that I sometimes have no internet access for weeks at a time!

    • I sensed your struggles, but I do hope you still enjoy the journey… And the fact that I have to wait for your experiences is no problem. I have that patience. I wish you all the best anyway wherever you are now!! :-)
      And also, don’t worry that you don’t write everything down! That’s not what a blog is about… write what you want to share… maybe only the things you want a reaction on… Keep it light so that you still enjoy blogging and don’t see it as a task that has to be done! :-)

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