Ishim-Omsk (Thur) 13 May 2010

I’m somewhere between Ishim (2431 km) and Omsk (2712 km) right now.

I’ve woken up in Asia this morning, and am now officially in Siberia!

It’s been really cold today. Yesterday, I was still lounging about in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Now I’m wearing my jeans, socks, sweater and fleece!

Strange because theoretically we should be getting warmer since we’ve been travelling south, but I suppose Siberia is living up to its reputation!

Every day is getting shorter as well because as we go through the different time zones, we are adjusting our watches by an hour earlier.

The Russians next door seem to be permanently drunk. One of them walks around shirtless exposing his disgusting hairy moobs and big hairy belly. Ugh. There was quite a commotion at around 3am last night as other people were presumably drunk as well.

We stopped at Omsk, but the platform goods were quite disappointing. Only drinks and dried foods like biscuits, pot noodles and chewing gum. None of the fruits, bread and cooked meals I read about. They’re selling everything I already have!

I had a thought earlier today. If there’s a cinema car on board, that would be absolutely brilliant! I’d definitely pay for it. I wouldn’t mind watching films for 6 days straight. As long as, of course, they aren’t showing something in Russian, Mongolian, or Chinese!

I’m been feeling quite car-sick today. I think it’s low blood sugar. I’ve been eaten little since getting on the train, convinced that I should conserve food as much as possible. Probably not a good idea after all.

I think I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight since leaving London. A combination of lack of sleep, eating irregularly, not eating proper meals, being ill, and little money seems to be taking its toll. I decide that I should have at least one proper meal a day at the restaurant car. I don’t want to fall apart!

We stopped at Novosibirsk. My new found I-should-eat-more-whatever-the-costs have led me to be completed ripped off buying two apples on the platform. £2 for two apples. In effing Siberia. And one of them is rotten. But I don’t think it’s nice to shout abuse out the train window. I wish I’d brought more fresh fruit with me now.

After dinner, I definitely felt A LOT better. Hung out with Jack and Vanessa playing scrabble and drinking tea. Friends really do you good.

Over dinner, Vanessa and I were saying we’re not sure if we can manage another 3 days of the past 3 days. Jack, as guys do, rationalised and said, “Look, it’s really only another day or so in Siberia. Then the day afterwards, we’ll be crossing borders into Mongolia, which, although long and tedious, will at least be interesting. Then afterwards, we can check out the desert and roll into China!”

Having our journey being put into perspective, we felt better. Basically, as long as we get through tomorrow, things should start looking a lot more interesting.

Ahh…again, Siberia living up to its reputation.

I’ve concluded that the Russians next door are nocturnal. Just as I’m going to bed, they start up again.The station clock back at Novosibirsk told us it’s 11 degrees, but it definitely feels colder. Artic air perhaps? Will bundle up tight tonight.

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