1460 km from Moscow (MT +2) (LT 00.14) (Wed) 12 May 2010

Only one day into the trip, I already don’t know what time it is anymore.

My book says we’ve already gone through two time zones, but Ronan tells me it’s just been one. I refuse to change the London time on the main display of my watch, so I’ve been fiddling with the other display options. That probably just made things worst.

The train is very dusty.  The windows are very dirty and everyone fancies opening their windows for a clear view out, and also because it’s been very hot. Every other window in the corridor could be opened, but not the windows in the compartments. Feeling very smart, I managed to pry mine open (less due to intelligence and more due to the fact that my window is faulty), and had brilliant views and a lovely breeze…

Until about half an hour later when I realised that everything in my room has been covered in dust. My drink, my pillow, my bedding, my books…. Aha!Sso there’s a reason why they are sealed. I guess we live and learn.

There are two toilets in each carriage. However, it seems like the attendants are keeping the one in their end permanently locked for their own use. By accident, I managed to use one of the locked ones and they are certainly cleaner, the tap works much better, and they even have toilet paper and seat liners! The bastards.

One of them saw one walking out. He looked at me in surprised and locked it behind me. Hmpf.

The train is currently going through the Urals, the mountain range separating Europe from Asia.

At 1777km, we will cross into Asia.

I’m going to bed now in Europe, and will wake up in Asia tomorrow!


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