Moscow (Sun) 9 May 2010 (I)

Rip-roaring sick today.

I’d started feeling ill on the best train ever, but after the overnight ride, and despite of feeling pretty bad, I headed right out yesterday, after checking in.

The Red Square and Kremlin was sealed off for Victory Day preparations. I was famished by lunch time and walking straight into Tourist Trap No. 1, where I had a very expensive lunch just outside the Red Square.

Followed a walk through town that was on my map and discovered some little churches along the way, they were all beautiful and special.

It then led me to the magnificent Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Built in just 2004, this church stands on the very spot where a much larger version of it stood until it was all blown up by Stalin to make way for some grand Soviet building which was then never built because the engineers decided that the land (located beside the river) would not be able to support such an outrageously massive commie building. Go figure.

The church was stunning in the way that it was unlike any other church I’ve ever seen. In the Russian Orthodox style, it was all high domes and every centimeter of surface inside was painted. The domes, the walls, the columns….everything. You wouldn’t think they build things like that anymore!

The walk also took me across bridges and along the riverside, which was all very pleasant, but I was getting to the point where I was too ill to appreciate much of it….


2 thoughts on “Moscow (Sun) 9 May 2010 (I)

  1. Hey, still reading all your posts about your trip… unbelievable you made such a journey by yourself! (Somewhere inside I’m a little jalous…)
    Hope that you sickness here didn’t last that long…
    Wondering where you are at the moment… :-)

  2. I can tell you Smiley, but I feel like I shouldn’t spoil the surprise…..well, not exactly a surprise, but just thought maybe I should let the journal run it’s course and see what happens… :)

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