Belarus (Mon) 3 May 2010

Rolling through the BLR countryside now.

For some reason, it’s never occurred to me before that a direct train doesn’t mean a non-stop train. Perhaps it’s the effect of growing up in the era of aviation.

At the Poland-Belarus border last night, we stopped for hours. Then we’d stop at various random stations here and there as well. Not that anyone gets on or off.


Been stopped at this station in BLR for quite a while now. I’ve lost track of time. Probably at least two hours.

We’re in the middle of a series of tracks, no platform on either side. I wonder what we’re doing here.


Out of boredom, I decide to check myself out in the mirror.

I have Madonna arms! I didn’t realise my biceps have grown so big! Relative to before, of course.

My arms are veiny. It’s become like that since I started climbing. Probably to increase blood supply to the climbing muscles. I wonder if other girls get that as well?


I wrote a letter to Nasty:


Dear Nasty,

I love having adventures. But I love having adventures with you all the more. I wish you were here.


Belarus 3 May 2010


It’s cloudy and rainy in BLR.


Woohoo! Heard some people speaking English, so went to investigate.

Turns out it’s Jack and Vanessa from Milton Keynes! They apparently just got married a week ago and are now on their honeymoon doing London, Paris, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Beijing, down through China to Hong Kong, then through the rest of Asia to Australia!

Chatted to them for a long while and we share pretty much the same thoughts and sentiments about our journey so far.

We complain that there’s no restaurant car and how little food we have on us, and how no one speaks English.

Then we realise that we’ll be basically on the exact same trains all the way from Berlin to Beijing! We’ll be on the same train on St. Petersburg to Moscow, and from Moscow to Beijing! Amazing!


Still in Belarus at 23.18 Moscow time.

Phone reception goes on and off. Sometimes you have no reception for long stretches.


2 thoughts on “Belarus (Mon) 3 May 2010

  1. This sounds like one heck of a long trip. Do you get to get off and hear some BeloRussian?

    I have superveiny forearms from climbing. The are disproportionately large too so I look like a female popeye. Oh well.

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