Berlin/Poland (Sun) 2 May 2010

Wish I have more time to discover Berlin. All I’ve been doing is racing from one tourist site to the next, but I’m very sure there is more to the city.

Leaving Berlin this arvo. Now waiting for my laundry. A lady and a guy’s paid for a machine they don’t need to use, so I got to do laundry for free! Woohoo!

Sitting on the Berlin-Lichtenburg to St. Petersburg train.

Getting on the train was stressful. There was a mad rush. They check your ticket and passport before you board to ensure you have a visa for Belarus.

But once settled, this is brilliant. Mostly because I’m on my own in a cabin meant for three people! I feel so excited! I really hope it’ll stay this way for the whole journey!

Cabin is very cool. Three bunks to one side. Bottom and middle bunk folds into a three person seat in the daytime.

On the other side is one seat by the window, a table that pulls up to reveal a sink with working tap and next to it a mini-wardrobe with hangers. I later discover that the seat pulls up to reveal a working fridge!

Once on the train, it feels like I’m in Russia already. German and Russian have merged into one and I can’t tell what people are speaking anymore.

The train is Russian. All signs are in Russian. The train attendants are Russian. No one speaks English. I seem to be doing a whole lot of hand gestures and nodding. And smiling.

I’m on the Moskva Express!

Berlin to St. Petes through Poland and Belarus.

People don’t seem to be too friendly on the train. :(

There are two attendants in my carriage. Both old with bushy white moustaches and airline pilot-style uniforms. Don’t speak a word of English.

Was gonna stock up on supplies for the ride. But with May Day yesterday and Sunday today, everything was closed. All I managed to get were two croissants and a muffin from the train station.

Might check out the restaurant car maybe today or tomorrow.


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