Berlin (Thur) 29 Apr 2010

Due to time and money limitations, instead of composing elaborate posts, I am going to be copying excerpts from my journal throughout this trip. You know, bits that aren´t too embarrassing. I will put the location and date of the journal entry as the post title. By the time they make it up here from the journal, I will most likely have moved on already.

Arrived from Paris this morning on the overnight train.

I like Berlin. But I also feel very much alone.

Overheard a conversation between an Australian girl and a Norwegian lady in the hostel cafe.

Girl says her dad´s German, but he left the family when she was very young. She´s now come to Berlin to find him. Found him, but he refused to see her.

Everyone´s got their own story.

The lady seemed to take a liking to her. Says she´s got four kids and tells the girl that she and her younger son will like each other! She got the girl´s MySpace details so her son can look her up.


Why do people keep speaking to me in German? Do I look like I speak German? Even when I´m clutching a guidebook and a camera in obvious tourist areas?

Went on a free walking tour.

The Argentinian guy has been travelling from India (by plane).

The Aussie mom and son has been on the road for 2 months now.

I suppose what I´m doing isn´t all that special afterall.


2 thoughts on “Berlin (Thur) 29 Apr 2010

  1. Wow. That meeting the father thing is pretty hectic. He just refused.

    I planned a trip to Berlin a few years ago and was so excited but my visa was refused. So sad. How is the wall?

  2. There’s three sections to the wall. One’s the Eastside Gallery where it’s long and all painted murals. The other one is pretty much left alone, broken and with holes. The third one’s turned into a part of the Berlin Wall Memorial, so it’s well maintained, with watch tower and no-man’s land preserved. So it’s all very cool and humbling to see.

    Can’t believe they turned your visa down! What bullshit. :( You ought to try again!

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