London – Hong Kong (by bus and rail)

I’m being driven mad by bus and train timetables and booking agencies…and I haven’t even gotten on a train yet!

After many days and hours sitting in front of the computer, I now have the following confirmed:

(28 Apr.) London – Paris (bus)

(28 Apr.) Paris – Berlin

(2 May) Berlin – St. Petersburg

(7 May) St. Petersburg – Moscow

(11 May) Moscow – Beijing

Arriving in Beijing on 17 May.

No, I have no idea what people do on a train for six days either.

Everything after Beijing is up in the air. Maybe my parents will meet me there and travel down with me. Maybe I’ll find a job packing ropes in a climbing shop in Yangshuo and become a bum.

Oh, did I tell you I got some brand-spanking-new shoes in Wales? Reduced from £60 to £40! Whoopeedoo! Climbing shoes NEVER go on sale in London!

If anyone knows anyone who knows a reputable hostel to stay in St. Petersburg and Moscow, please do let me know. That will save me from spending more time in front of the computer.

Now I need to sort out a transit visa for Belarus (never heard of it until now. My Berlin – St. Petersburg train apparently goes through it), money (what and how do I bring money with me? Stuff cash in my socks and panties?), travel insurance (please don’t let anything happen to me in Russia!), buy a mug (free boiling water on the Trans-Siberian railway apparently), get a travel adaptor, tell the banks I’m moving home, sell my bike (if you want to buy my bike, with helmet and lock and lights and everything, let me know), ship the remainder of my crap back to Hong Kong….and probably a million other things I will remember only when I’m in Russia.

I have a tendency to do things only in the last minute. Even moving across continents. You can call me indecisive. I’d like to think I’m spontaneous. Hence I pay outrageous amounts for my tickets.

Oh, and there’s a barbeque send-off thingie going on in Victoria Park on Saturday afternoon (if the weather holds up). I know that I don’t know you and you don’t know me (and possibly don’t want to), but you are welcome to come nonetheless. Then at least I can pretend I have some friends.

4 thoughts on “London – Hong Kong (by bus and rail)

  1. Woaw… I really hope you’ll be blogging about your experiences on your train – bus ride… I can honestly say that I couldn’t do what you do… moving like that to another country on the other side of the world… I don’t even like moving to a nearby city because all the things you have to take care off… (not that I’m even thinking or considering moving to another country)
    but, anyway… I wish you a lot of luck and pleasure on your journey!! I hope that you will find what you are looking for and you can find some peace of mind.
    Oh, and do have fun on your bbq as well :-) Sorry that I can’t be there :-)

  2. Hey Dora, I feel like I’ve missed something. Firstly I’m so insanely jealous that you are going on this trip. Seriously, can I come to Yangsuo too and become a climbing bum with you? My sister was there a few months ago and it sounds stunning, although she did get her camera stolen there so beware!She is also taking the Trans Siberian railway, how weird, you guys are on the same mission.

    Secondly, what kind of farewell? Are you coming back to London? Confused!

  3. Smiley, yes, I’ll be lugging my laptop around with me, so if and when I do get internet access, I do hope to at least tell people that I haven’t yet been kidnapped by the Russians and sold into prostitution. Or well, if they ARE going to sell me into prostitution, I hope they’ll have the decency to ship me to London at least….;) Ok, you know what, that was a joke. Seriously. If any Russians are reading this, no, I seriously do not hope to become the latest Asian attraction at some strip club. I mean, look, my boobs aren’t big enough ok? Heheh.

    Po, I only hope to have everything I’ve brought with me, with me by the time I arrive in Beijing! Then I will hope that everything I have will stay with me until I get to Hong Kong…

    Yes, you are very welcome to bum around with me anywhere. I don’t actually like travelling alone (I hate it), so by all means whenever you want!

    No, I’m sadly not coming back to London (not that I’m aware of anyways). I can’t work here anymore, so there’s really no point in me being here….

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