The High Line

In the weeks before I came to New York, I was browsing in a bookstore when I picked up a book about this park in New York called The High Line.

It chronicled how a group of people decided to turn a dis-used railway line that was built in the 1930s, into an elevated park, weaving in and out of between high-rises along the west side of Manhattan.

I flipped through the book and told Nasty how I thought it was very cool. Little did I know that I’d actually be there not long after!

I love how the landscaping have been somehow integrated with the actual railway line, merging and un-merging with one another, and how the whole park, although bright and airy just like any other park, is still immersed amongst Manhattan’s grubby old buildings.

They also built this weirdly wonderful viewing platform, where you view nothing but another random Manhattan street. You’ll sit on the steps, sloping down directly over the street like in an auditorium, and you look through the glass panels, as if the going-ons below is a performance itself.

If you walk to the bottom and stand right in front of the glass, you feel like you’re floating over the street….

The line passes through buildings and under hotels…

It’s just very nicely aesthetically pleasing and it’s great to know that an otherwise abandoned rusty urban space has been reclaimed beautifully.


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