Spot the cab

Try taking a photo in Manhattan without the famed yellow cab in it.

They’re there outside the United States Post Office, with the building bearing the following inscription: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds“.

Definitely can’t say the same for the UK’s Royal Mail. Theirs should probably go something like: “Snow and rain and heat and gloom and pure laziness will stay these couriers from any completion of their appointed rounds. Come get your shit yourself.”

What I love about New York is the architecture. It’s hard to say why I find it so cool. It’s nothing like the grandeur of Europe, but a cool mix of the grand, the kitsch and the ugly that are oddly satisfying.

See? A beautiful old church squeezed in between non-descript ugly browns.

That’s Ground Zero. Although it’s been almost 10 years, for some reason I still expected it to be a big bowl of dust. Really, it’s just a big construction site now.

Fifth Avenue. Think London’s Oxford St. or Regent St.

The Trump Tower. Pure gawdy kitsch. Yes, I find it strangely satisfying as well.

More of Fifth Avenue. You know that ugly child that you still love nonetheless? That’s probably how I feel about these concrete blocks….


One thought on “Spot the cab

  1. The cabs must be already the icon of manhattan i say! personally, i do prefer cabs colored in yellow hahahah…the london cabs is a bit stiff for black and the barcelona cabs really makes me wonder if they just ran out of black paint!

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