Last night, you stole a bike. I hope you remain scum for the rest of your miserable life

Six months on, Nasty’s bike was stolen again last night.

Besides from anger and frustration, it makes me so disappointed with people in general. Why?

What’s even more frustrating is that we saw them. We were trying to get out of some gates but they were locked. On the other side was a group of shady kids, but we didn’t think anything of it.

When we finally came round the corner of the street where our bikes were parked, the group was cycling away, and we still didn’t think any of it.

Seconds later, Nasty found his bike gone and went after them. They had it. It was his bike. Because it was late and dark and there were 4 of them, we debated whether to go after them or not. I encouraged Nasty to take my bike and chase after them. I was angry. We shouldn’t let these assholes get away with it. So Nasty emptied his pockets and cycled off.

After he was gone, I suddenly felt very scared. I had visions of Nasty being stabbed or seriously hurt or lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the road and I started running after him. If he got hurt, I couldn’t have forgiven myself.

After a while, he came back. They were gone.

So many things run through your mind afterwards. If only we’d taken our bikes with us. If only we didn’t go to Waterstone’s. If only we didn’t go to the pub. If only we’d left earlier. If only we’d walked faster. If only.

Then I envision myself beating each of them with my hockey stick. Beating them all to pulp.

Then I thought maybe I should’ve cycled after them, pick out the one with Nasty’s bike and just crash sideways into him. Making him fall. Stalling them. Meanwhile, Nasty would be arriving on foot and would give him a proper kick in the head and we’ll pick up our bikes and ride off.

I haven’t gotten as far as to imagine how we’d deal with the other three.

My bike was parked maybe 3 meters away from his. The only reason mine was still there was because it was a less valuable bike. Nasty even had a better lock than mine.

He’d just cleaned it two weeks ago. Has just had it fully serviced and fixed last week, and replaced his saddle with a brand new one.

I still can’t get over how disgustingly disappointed I am with just people in general.

If there is no market for stolen bikes, there wouldn’t be stolen bikes. Please don’t buy them.


2 thoughts on “Last night, you stole a bike. I hope you remain scum for the rest of your miserable life

  1. Oh no, that’s horrible… so i thought locking it will solve all problems… Hmm now I’ll have to rethink again…. may be I shall get a really pink/ girly/un-cool looking one…

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