My route to work: Funerals, abandoned cinema and Banksy

So, three more days of work before I become yet another statistic amongst the unemployed masses.

Knowing that, I’ve suddenly become sentimental about everything to do with my job.

All of a sudden, everyone is actually really nice, the meetings aren’t that useless and tedious afterall, and the urgent requests for everything…ignorable, for lack of a better vocabulary.

Then I get sentimental about my route to work – the 20-min walk and the half-hour train journey. I walk this route twice a day, day in and day out for a year and notice little of it. But now, I eye bits of gems and I want to capture it all, remember it all.

Funerals, anyone?

This road baffles me. It ends, openly, on the sidewalk, with double yellow lines as if some kid’s decided to outline it with crayons. Who really drives onto that when you can’t stop anywhere? Drive in, reverse out.

An abandoned cinema. A homeless guy used to sleep out front all the time. I hope they turn it into something good.

Wierd. I only saw cars in there.

And this astonished me when I took this photo. For the past year, this Banksy (well-known anonymous street artist) piece has shown the kids flying a Tesco flag (supermarket everyone loves to hate but shops there anyways. Think Walmart).

To protect the work, whoever owns that wall has put up plastic boards over it, including the flag, although people have obviously spray painted over the plastic.

So I was very surprised to see that the flag is no longer Tesco, but Robbo. I don’t know shit about street artists, but apparently Robbo is a rival of Banksy and they’ve been feuding by painting over each other’s work.

It surprises me because these are things I usually just hear about, or read about in the news sometimes. I never expect to see it happen somewhere, and on something I see all that time, and have taken for granted all this time. I wish I had taken a photo of the work with the Tesco flag. It was definitely much better.

See? I’m not even gone yet, but times….they are a-changin’.


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