Stitches and contrasts

Laughing and coughing is detrimental to the 3 holes I have in my belly, but the cough I’ve developed since skiing seems to be making a full come back, and chatting to your girl friend at one in the morning about the antics of some pathetic 37-year old man in New York who’s afraid of the post-office makes me think I just might have burst my stitches last night.

I’ve been off work for a week now and have recently gotten better enough to finally be sick of indoor weather and have been ambling ’round the neighbourhood looking for trouble. It’s been too sunny and bright to stay in bed and I shuffle on and off buses, pining for the day I can cycle again.

I notice how there seems to be an increase in Japanese people around Brick Lane. More notably, uber-cool Japanese in the Shoreditch uniform of skinny jeans and beanies wielding large cameras with heavy-looking lenses. I  imagine them publishing the snaps in arty-underground-cool magazines back home, telling everyone about this ultra-hip hangout in the East End.

…which compelled me to take a photo of this series of stalls just down the road:

Anything but cool. And note the demographic:

Bits of Brick Lane is certainly still occupied by more traditional market stalls selling everyday stuff like fruits and toothpaste and batteries, with a flea market selling junk nearby, but the idea of Brick Lane now is more trendy and cool than anything and I found it amusing to see such a gathering of people so different to the new visitors down the road.

I love it all the more because this is the side of London that tourists almost never see and you never hear about in tourism campaigns.

By comparison, this is All Star Lanes (an American diner-cum-bowling alley) a short way away:

I may be cynical about the hipster-esque mood of the people and the area, but it remains one of my most favourite places to be. :)

Ugh. I think my stitches are oozing…


One thought on “Stitches and contrasts

  1. while i was laughing about the 37-year old man again reading ur post (i would skip the “pathetic” decsciption here since…), i feel i am so bad at the same time

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