Hydon’s Ball

We went for a walk in the countryside on Sunday.

One of our friends invited us out for a sushi night at her place. A return train ticket costs £24+ and I rationally declared that I can eat all the sushi I want in London for the same amount of money. So Nasty tempted and cajoled and finally convinced me with the promise of a walk in the Surrey hills.

No, these photos aren’t from Sunday. The walk on Sunday reminded me of a walk we did over Christmas, that I’ve been meaning to write about, but forgot.

Ever since the Lake District, I’ve been sold on walking. Even though I haven’t been on anything like the Lakes since, I thoroughly enjoyed the crisp, fresh air, the quiet remoteness, the trees and the mud, and really, just a chance to show off my gear so that I can a) pretend to be a full-on hardcore walker/hiker and, b) think I’m getting my money’s worth out of my hiking boots and what-not.

This walk was to Hydon’s Ball, one of the highest points in Surrey and we were duly rewarded with a beautiful view. The only reason I can think of why I didn’t take a photo of it is because my fingers were too cold.

Actually, I can’t really think of when my fingers aren’t too cold.

Getting out of London once in a while has always been good. Sometimes, when you feel stuck in concrete and sick of police sirens, seeing some sheep and turnips does the trick.

Speaking of which, try counting the sheep from the turnips.


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