2% fondness, 60% exasperation


Random Saturday afternoon in a bakery-cum-coffee shop.


I was happily reading my newspaper and Nasty was happily playing with his shiny new phone. He suddenly looked up with a degree of seriousness and said:


You know what? I know EXACTLY how you feel about me.

Oh right. That’s interesting. Coz I have no idea how I feel about you. So what is it then?

Your feelings for me are:

60% exasperation

30% admiration

5% indifference

3% pity

2% fondness

Interesting. I didn’t know I feel that way about you.

*grins* 30% ADMIRATION! *bigger grin*


I don’t know. *indifference* Maybe boys have their own way of entertaining themselves. And they have an exasperatingly positive self-image. *pity*


2 thoughts on “2% fondness, 60% exasperation

  1. Haha, this is real funny, particularly the “they have an exasperatingly positive self-image”, which is so true and sometimes I am very jealous of.

    (what a coincidence, my bf just got a shiny new phone and was playing with it [when i am not] all weekend)

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