a white Christmas

I am currently enjoying my exactly 20.5 days of holiday.

Unless you count a 4-month period of unemployment, this must be one of the longest holidays I’ve had since I’ve started working. As much as people may hate working, knowing that you have a job to go back to is an absolute privilege.

Have been messing about in the Nasty family home since Christmas Eve, no plans right up till the New Year, and then we’re off skiing in the Alps in the first week of January.

Christmas dinner, extended families, after-dinner games of Charades and Articulate, champagne and wine, Boxing Day walks in the parks, family nights in with Michael McIntyre, cheese and grapes, Christmas kisses, poppadoms and mango chutney in pubs, climbing, and now skiing.

I was reading emails from my HK friends and telling them about my recent “adventures” when I suddenly thought of Stuff White People Like, and to my own amusement, realised that I’ve been having a very white Christmas indeed. ;)

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