I have an Advent calendar

I’ve never heard of Advent calendars until about two days before December came along.

They are apparently calendars with little windows counting down each day of December until either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (depending on the calendar you get), where you open one window a day to discover a little piece of chocolate.

There are cheapo ones, and there are kids’ ones with a toy for Christmas day, and there are posh ones with lush Belgian truffles inside.

I got mine from Marks & Spencer for £1.99 and I think it’s one of the most brilliant things ever.

The boxes for each day are not lined up in order. They are jumbled all over, each containing a really good quality chocolate piece in various Christmassy shapes.

It’s the excitment of waking up each day, wondering what you’re going to get. It’s the engaging but fun task of searching for the right day on the calendar. It’s having something small but fun to look forward to each day. It reminds you of what you are counting down towards and I think the combined experience of Christmas last year and the Advent calendar this year have made me more excited about Christmas than I have ever been.

I read somewhere once, that we shouldn’t berate those who say they hate Christmas, as the only reason they hate it is because they haven’t experienced a good Christmas yet. For me, I think that is true. I used to hate Christmas. It was never the cosy sitting-by-the-fireplace family-gather-round happy images that the TV so often portrays and has so many years led me to expect. But as much as I find Christmas pudding revolting and that pies with mincemeat does not actually contain minced meat very disappointing, I had a really good Christmas last year and I’m really looking forward to this day next week.

Just yesterday, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to be always at one week to Christmas? It’s the excitement, it’s the winding down at work, it’s the holidays that follow, it’s the stampede to the pantry everytime someone annouces that there are cakes/biscuits/chocolates at the office…

If having an advent calendar for each month of the year is too much, I wonder if I can have one for each of the special holidays  of the year – Chinese New Year, birthday (mine of course), Easter….and while we’re at it, we definitely should have one for summer. Now THAT would really be something to countdown to!


4 thoughts on “I have an Advent calendar

  1. Heehee I have the same advent calendar as you! Well, actually i bought it for the boyfriend, haha cunning plan. I have been a christmas hater these past years too, so i have been revisiting what was fun about christmas when i was a kid, and advent calendars was definitely one thing. we never got a chocolate one, we just used to open the door and get a picture, and get really excited about the picture. how old fashioned :)

  2. Too bad december is already halfway… I totally forgot about advent calendars… I’ve also loved it as a kid and this year I was totally not looking forward to christmas, so that would have helped a lot!!

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