The joys of commuting: Please just go on strike!

I take the train to work everyday. National Rail. And this is what I have to endure.

It’s become worst recently. They’re not officially on strike, but the union is just refusing to work extra hours and all that, working just the bare minimum until they come to some sort of agreement with management.

First, the only ticket counter at my station, which also has no ticketing machine either, is closed.

Then, trains are delayed and cancelled.

Nearly everyday for the past month or two, it’s been “We’re sorry to announce, that the 18:38 train to London King’s Cross has been cancelled due to a shortage of train crew.”

Being in a recession where anyone would kill to be paid £38,000 or whatever it is a year to press buttons on a train, to say that they haven’t got enough people working is just ridiculous.

Next, the ENTIRE bloody station is closed. I have never seen anything like it before. Hey, at least on official strikes, you’ll be informed of cancellations and closures!

Just go on the bloody strike and get it over with! At least then, hopefully, the media and government will be involved and perhaps help push it to a resolution! I don’t want to rush to catch my train only to realise it’ll never come!

It was a really cold morning when I took this last photo, but this sign made my blood boil and I sweated all the way to work.


2 thoughts on “The joys of commuting: Please just go on strike!

  1. Good grief! That is the pits! I commute every day too on national rail and my journey is ridiculously smooth. The train is not often late, the office is always open, the worst is the train being too crowded and there being no seats! Poor you!

  2. Gosh, I didn’t know that! I rarely used national rail these days (apart from holidays), I travelled on the tube most of the time so am only disturbed by the “signal failures”.

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