Lessons in punching

Girls. Learn how to punch and where to punch.


If you, like me, do some form of boxing classes, learn to do bare-knuckle punches (without the gloves) as well.


Otherwise, you might end up fracturing your hand like I did by punching Nasty square on his shoulder bone, making contact with my ring-finger and pinky knuckles, causing my hand to fold in on itself like delicate origami.


Consequently, you’ll get snickered at by the guy and his friends, workmates and, most embarassingly, your physiotherapist; contributing to the long-(guy)-held belief that girls can’t punch. Which is, really, detrimental to the progress of female empowerment. And it’s not true anyways, since his friends always recoil in pain when the guy in question boasts about my boxing prowness by asking me to demo-punch them.

Ok, maybe just my ability to give one single punch to unsuspecting innocent people.


It’s bad PR for East London as well when your GP asks whether you were involved in a fight.


I so wish.


At least being in a street brawl sounds way cooler than a meek “Yeah…I…um…broke my hand punching my….*ahem*….boyfriend.”


Damn it.


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