“There are no fat birds in Copenhagen”

Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Perhaps as a sign of the Danish design to come, as the plane flew into the Copenhagen airport, we passed over a neat row of windmills, sharply white and elegant, standing cleanly upright cutting across a calm blue sea.

I’d say the same of our brand-new, very cool and slickly-designed hotel – except for the fact that we’re located in the middle of a construction site.

And perhaps as a sign of the pricey-ness of this city to come, and how poor we will feel as we agonise over every food and drink, Nasty cleverly got scammed of literally all of the money budgeted for the day in our very first stroll into town.

It doesn’t help when you chat to a shop-assistant who tells you he finds it very odd that anyone would come to Copenhagen for a holiday at all. Hmmm.

Of all cities and countries in the world, from London to Beijing to Hanoi, Nasty has to get scammed in squeaky clean Scandanavia, in the capital city of what is rated as the happiest country in the world.

Nasty claims to know why the Danes are so happy: There are no fat and ugly birds here at all!

Well, to be fair, at the end of our second day here, we still haven’t seen a fat person.

I’ve always thought that the British pound was almighty, and every year, the places that top the Most Expensive City lists are always the likes of London, New York, Tokyo, Paris and occasionally, HK. I really don’t understand why Copenhagen is not on the list. Copenhagen is definitely much more expensive than London. £6 for a beer, £2.60 for a single bus ride.

Like they say, things happen for a reason. Perhaps when I go back, I will stop complaining about how expensive London is.


2 thoughts on ““There are no fat birds in Copenhagen”

  1. erm…well, I cropped it by uploading the image onto WordPress and then it gives me a rectangle to move around the photo and click which part of the photo I want as my header. Does that mean I cropped it myself? :)

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