And so the freeze comes…

It’s surprising how fast winter comes in this part of the world.

First it was park-lounging summer at 9pm, then all of a sudden it’s hat and gloves-wearing and toes-chilling winter. Was autumn even here at all?

I realise I’ve been walking A LOT faster lately.

My normally half-hour stroll to the train station in the morning has become a 20 min power walk.

Not that I’m always running late now. It’s just that pumping my legs is the only practical way for me to warm up on these cold mornings.

Cycling, I’ve always enjoyed peddling at a slower pace, esp. if I’m cycling into town, so I don’t end up being hot and sweaty in my (relatively) nice clothes.

But now, because of the cold, I can cycle faster without being too hot, plus I need to cycle faster to warm up and more so that I can get wherever I’m going to get indoors quicker.

Nothing propels me faster than the cold and the darkness. Cycling along the canal is when I peddle the hardest. It’s pitch black on many stretches and isolated stories of random bike robberies and D-lock beatings haunt me home.

People say they exercise and get fit during the summer. But who wants to run around and be in pain when you can lounge about in parks until 10pm?

Conversely, I think my cardio fitness just might make an improvement over the winter.  Either that, or I end up gathering fat huddling under the covers. Let’s see how it goes as the world around me starts to freeze over.


3 thoughts on “And so the freeze comes…

  1. For me, the problem is it’s harder to kick myself out of bed in the morning to go to the gym. Managed to do that this morning, after an excessively long debate with myself under the warm duvet. But then I also managed to dissuade myself from taking the long route to the station, which i normally take when it’s warmer (and London is never too warm for me).

    And I think I eat richer food in winter too (oh no!) although I tend to sleep earlier too (skipping the summer late-night snacking)

    One thing that weather doesn’t affect too much is drinking. In summer, we’re like, it’s still bright outside, we should drink more. In winter, it’s dark outside anyway, might as well stay and drink more. Weather does affect the types of drinks though (for me, at least).

  2. Eheheh, that’s funny about the drinking! The thing though, for me, is that drinking never warms me up. I only get colder and colder. No beer jacket for me unfortunately….

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