Purge the Cookies! Purge the Cookies!

I was trying to book a weekend trip away, when I couldn’t decide between Bath and the Peak District, the train or the bus, this hostel or that hostel.

So I had many browser tabs open, including one on a coach service to Bath on the National Express website. I saw that my trip will cost £14, and then went away to look at some other info.

A while later, I went back, and *gasp*, within the space of an hour or so, the price has increased to £18!

I still couldn’t decide, so left it for a while, thinking it couldn’t get much worst…only to go back later to see that it was now £19. WTF.

So I decided to see if I could purge  my computer of this price-increasing, money-extorting evil and decidedly exorcised my browser of all cookies, form-auto-filling-in thingies, and cache-majigs. Closed my browser, fired it up again, and went back to look at my bus ticket.

Hail Mary. The devil is gone. It’s £14 again.

I said a silent “You fuckers.”


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