What do dead people do with their journals?

Because Po wrote about this time last year, I dug out one of my journals to see what I was doing then.

On Sunday, 28 September 2008, I wrote:

I was happy and excited on Friday arvo when I finally confirmed my leaving date with [my boss] and booked my ticket [to London] with [friend who works at a travel agency] and told [Nasty] about it.

But I came home and was promptly put down by mom.

Then I have to deal with [my brother].

I spent that night crying my eyes out watching The Notebook.

So basically, I bawled my eyes out the night I have confirmed arrangements to come to London.

Which is not exactly what I really said on this blog.

This blog has a facade. It is written to be cringe-proof. (Or at least I think).

I cringe when I read back on my journals. I hope when I die, they will somehow automatically self-destruct.


One thought on “What do dead people do with their journals?

  1. It sounds like it was a hectic time! My blog has a facade too, more like a brick wall! IT is most certainly not like a journal, and I don’t write a journal. I think you need to get hold of Sir J. Bond and talk to Q about self-destructing journals!

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