Bestival Part III: Roaming about doing nothing is good

Fancy dress

Apparently, each year, Bestival has a fancy dress theme, and for 2009, it is Outer Space.

Fancy dress family

There were quite a few families at the festival.

I was walking through the camp grounds on the last day when I saw a dad trying to pack up the tent, the mom packing up supplies, one of their toddlers trying to climb up a lamp post, and the other toddler tugging at the dad’s trousers.

Not only am I impressed that these parents have the energy to go camping with toddlers in tow; nappies, warm milk, no toilets and all; but they were actually fussed enough to have them all dressed together in space-themed outfits! (In case the photo isn’t clear, the babies are dressed in silvery suits.)


Some people wonder what I did for those few days in one place, and I don’t blame them, because unless I went, I wouldn’t comprehend it too.

We did random things like…


…painting a few squares behind the giant I *heart* Bestival sign…


…gawk at other people’s fancy dress costumes because we didn’t have any…

Alien robot

…be impressed by this guy’s costume – until we realise that thing is so heavy he has to kneel down and rest every so often! Plus, he couldn’t really dance or go anywhere in the crowds because of it and it became a burden for 15 mins of fame…so I mocked him (and not the fact that we were too lame to have a costume…)

Bollywood Bar at night

…sat in front of the Bollywood Bar and people-watched….


…ran around the maze and then looked down from a bridge and laugh at everyone else below walking into deadends (as if we hadn’t)…

I heart sausages

…look for food when we’re hungry…


…trying to decide what to eat because of the many delicious (read: expensive) choices…

Pants for Poverty

…gawk at about 200 people standing around in their underpants breaking the world record for most people gathered in one place in their pants…


….queue for toilets. Luckily this was still early so no queues are to be seen. But nearer to the camp sites, or as the crowds come out and the bigger the band is playing, the longer the queues…


…gawk at people waiting for a shower. About 10 shower stalls for 40,000+ people. Needless to say, we made do with wet wipes…

Mom tatoo

…get a mum tattoo for free…

Fancy tents

…admire the expensive pay-in-advance erect-for-you type fancy tents…


…and the more mushroomy tents…


…look like a Smurf by having your face painted for free at the Oxfam tent as part of their campaign against climate change…

Trashed fields

…stroll in front of the main stage at 2am and watch the workers pick up the day’s worth of plastic cups and beer cans – behind them the field is sparkly clean, and in front of them dotted with litter…


…walk back to the tent when tired, along this giant tulips-lined path…

Sunset over tents

…and admire the sunset.

Bestival night

Bestival was amazing. And I’ve been told by people that it was the first dry festival they’ve been to. We were extremely lucky to experience blue skies and warm days. I can’t promise I’ll say the same if everything was wet and muddy. But hey, come next year, I’ll take my chances. :)


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