Hot dogs and fit dicks

I know I’ve said this before, but the use of the word “bird” to describe girls just really peeves me.

Work-mate: “Well, before I get a bird….”

Nasty: “But she really is a fit bird!”

Guy: “That is the ugliest bird I’ve ever seen!”

Americans: “Check out that hot chick!”.

Brits: “Now that’s a fit bird!”

Why are we birds?

Like being whistled at, it reminds me of construction workers, beer bellies, rough northern country types, rednecks, chavs and little respect. (Yeah, no stereotypes intended. Ha.)

If we are hot chicks and fit birds; can guys be hot dogs and fit dicks?

I suppose I’d be less bothered if there is an equivalent term for men, to tip the balance right.

But at the same time, men don’t give a shit what they’re called.

In fact, call them a dick and they’ll take it as a compliment.

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