Man of my dreams

If someone has a more horrific dream, please tell me about it so I’ll feel better.

A few weeks ago, of all things people can dream of, I dreamt of Freddie Kruger.

It must be the ultimate nightmare.

I can’t imagine anything worst than dreaming of a demented disfigured serial torturous murderer who swallows children (and adults?) into their beds and kidnaps them in their dreams and have them screaming in pools of blood.

If you don’t know who Freddie Kruger is, in short, he is that guy in those 80s horror movies that appears in people’s dreams and murders them under horrific circumstances.

Look, I’m so terrified I’m not even going to put a photo of him on my blog, lest he haunts me here too. So just google him ok?

I blame my uncle, who we  lived with for a while during my first few years in primary school, who is a fan of horror movies. As is my mom. I spent many a night sitting next to them watching through gaps in my fingers as I half-covered my eyes.

(Unfortunately, I still do it.)

Why have I only just dreamt of him? A guy who kills people in their dreams? I have no effing clue.

In the dream, I was genuinely terrified. As terrified as anyone can possibly get, and he lifted me up and I screamed the most horrifying scream I’ve ever screamed.

I woke up in the midst of my scream, wondering if I’d actually screamed.

2 thoughts on “Man of my dreams

  1. oh dear, i hope you are feeling better now. nightmares are horrible. If it makes you feel better, I often get them. Some are quite hilarious to tell (not quite hilarious in the dream though), others are just plain scary. Sleeping paralysis is by far the worst, cos it tends to be me being chased (with knives/ guns)/ feeling hands around my neck, knowing so well it’s a dream but couldn’t wake up from it…. anyway, hope you won’t have any more nightmares…

  2. Wow! You get sleep paralysis too! I used to get them A LOT when I was younger and I was always terrified. I think you are the only person I know (well…”know”….hehe) that has it as well!

    Nobody else seems to know what I’m talking about……but in my sleep paralysis “dreams”…..there was always a dark figure in the room….sort of hovering over me…..eeek!

    But as I got older, they somehow went away…..*touch wood*!

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