Extreme Shoreditch

Just got back from four days in Milan, which is not entirely accurate because while we spent our nights in Milan, we were all over the place, having gone up to even Switzerland.

Meanwhile, may I present to you Nasty’s great idea: Extreme Shoreditch.

Extreme Shoreditch 1

The East End: the less posh side of London, where immigrants throughout history gather and find their footing, where youths boom music from their cars from street corners at 3am, and where boys get stabbed to death. Basically, you’ll be hard-pressed to find Prince William or Harry here.

The East End: where creative types gather, where wonderful weekend markets thrive, where the London Olympics headquarters will be, where (un)fortunately, tourists don’t venture.

Shoreditch in the East End is where the nightlife is, and where, (un)fortunately a niche odd sense of fashion and style has developed.

Hence this lovely dude above standing out opposite Nasty’s apartment.

Here I present to you the first of Extreme Fashion.

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