How to lose 3 pounds in one week

Imagine me as some sort of celebrity fitness guru, pretend I get paid to workout with Jennifer Aniston, and envision seeing a little photo of my face next to a full page spread of Jennifer Lopez under the bright red headline of: !!!LOSE 3 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK!!!

Disclaimer: I did not intend to lose weight. I was only being cheap.

In a bid to cut down on expenses due to a sudden bulk outflow of cash within one month, together with a coincidental sale of nice(r) canned soup at Sainsbury’s (a local supermarket), one day, I decided to buy 2 shopping bags full of soup and pita bread and eat that for lunch at work for as long as they’d last.

My workmate thought it was amusing.

My expenses have been cut.

But unfortunately (or fortunately), so has my appetite for canned soup.

And my weight?

Lost 3 pounds in one week.


1 canned soup (any. I varied from Italian Meatballs to Chilli Beef to Lentil Soup)

2 pieces warm pita bread

Eat that for lunch for 1 week.

Eat normally for breakfast and dinner.

Forget celebrity diets. Soup and pita bread is the way to go.

And by the way, what happens if you want to lose 3KG in 3 weeks?

No problem. My workmate just did – by being totally stressed out.


3 thoughts on “How to lose 3 pounds in one week

  1. Vivian, I still have one last can left from that week. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to bring myself to finish off that one can – it’s sitting under my desk…maybe I should mail it to you?! Hehe.

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