My life in a comic strip

*click on the strips to see a larger, more readable version*

Living Together

I’ve been reading a lot of Em cartoons lately.

It’s a comic strip that appears inconspicuously in a bottom corner of The London Paper. I never really paid attention, but over time, I realise that it’s the one section of the paper I actually look forward to reading it when I get my hands on a copy. These days, I usually read it online.

I find it highly amusing and very relatable, esp. for a 20-something living in a big city, esp. London, since it sometimes contain London-specific references (it’s published in The London Paper after all!). I’d like to say it’s a strip written by girls for girls, but because of how accurately, and yet how very funnily, it relates guy-girl relationships these days, girls will recognise aspects of themselves in the girl characters, and guys themselves in the very stereotypically guy characters. I recommend guys to read it too – provides an insight into the girl’s mind! ;)

Many a times, I can definitely see Nasty and I in them.

For example, this is very easily one of many similar dialogues I’ve had with Nasty, and the aftermath:

Lovely person

And this is what happens 90% of the time when I have to deal with Transport for London or National Rail:

Ticket refund

And this is the sort of conversation I have with my girlfriends all the time  :)  :

Unmarried and childless


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