[insert preferred consonant]ora

This happened over the weekend at a pub.

Me: *extending my hand* Hi! I’m Dora.

Woman-I’ve-just-met: *grabs my hand* Oh hi Laura! I’m Mary.”

Me:  *smiles* It’s Dora.

Woman: *still shaking my hand* Laura!

Me: *still beaming* Dora.

Woman *still clutching my hand but eyebrows furrowing now*: Laura!

*We both beam*


4 thoughts on “[insert preferred consonant]ora

  1. No one understand that more than I do, coz sometimes I am “Dora” or even ppl can read “C-O-R-A” as Coral…where does the “L” come from?

  2. Yeah, I can understand if it’s a hearing thing….but after it’s been spelt out? On paper/screen?!

    I send emails all the time at work, and of course, sign them off as “Dora”.

    And STILL people write back to me typing “Dear Laura”.


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