Three Men in a Boat

Three Men in a Boat

A short note.

I’ve just gotten home from seeing Three Men in a Boat at Greenwich Theatre.

I didn’t know what the play is about, I’ve never been to Greenwich Theatre, and I spent a bit of time looking for it, and then having a drink, eating ice-cream, and watching it with a guy I’ve never met.

The guy turned out to be normal, and the play turned out to be absolutely BRILLIANT.

The picture and description you see at the Greenwich Theatre website must be the understatement of the year.

It does not reflect how ingeniusly this play has been set up.

It’s about three English men and a dog taking a boat trip up the Thames from Kingston to Oxford and the (mis)adventures they encounter along the way.

Sounds regular?

But the quality of the acting, the amount of creative energy that goes into making it happen is incredible.

There are no sound systems, no music, no stagehands. Just three blokes on the stage (and some dude out back doing the lighting). They set their own scenes, play their own instruments, sing their songs, make their jokes, use a hat as the dog, very lively, very funny, set scenes ingeniusly using the most regular objects, and most brilliantly, actually managed to involve the audience, coming in and out from amongst us and ad lib-ed depending on audience reactions.

Everyone left clapping and grinning. If only we knew the words to the songs!

They are only playing there until Saturday and deserves so much more than half of the seats being empty.

The amount of thought and creativity that went into it is definitely not on par with the less than favorable location, and the little, if not zero, promotion and publicity it’s been having.

This must be the best small production play I’ve seen so far.

If you are in London, go see it. I promise you won’t be disappointed, even if you’ve never seen theatre before. Tickets are only £5 from the Evening Standard.


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