Stand-up comedy: Harharhar! The joke’s on me.

Things don’t seem to like turning out the way they should for me these days…

This evening, I decided that I will go and see a live stand-up comic in a cozy little pub theatre. I have never seen live comedy before, and with the title of Happiness, I figured things couldn’t go too wrong.

I showed up at the pub half an hour before the show to get tickets, hoping that they haven’t sold out.

I opened a door signed Box Office and walked up the narrow stairs. I thought it was strangely quiet, but hey, who am I to know? Never been to a pub theatre either. (It is essentially a theatre and a pub in the same building, with the theatre upstairs, and the pub downstairs.)

I was greated at the top of the stairs by a tall skinny man with glasses.

Tall skinny man smiled (I thought strangely): Yes?

Me: Hi! I’m here to get tickets to the show starting at 6:30?

TSM looked at me, jaw dropping open.

I decided I’ll drop my jaw too. Maybe this is what people do what you buy tickets to see a comedy show.

TSM closed his mouth, composed himself and said: Umm. I think the show is cancelled.

Me: What?! (He thinks?! He doesn’t know?! And I’ve just checked the website 2 hours prior!)

TSM: <pause> Um, yeah…I think you’re the only one who’s shown up for it.

Me: WHAT?! (This time my mouth involuntarily drops.)

TSM: Well hold on, let me go downstairs and ask.

He bobbed down the steps and I after him.

On the way down, TSM: So how do you know about this show?

Me: The theatre website…(I feel as if I’m not supposed to know about it?)

I got back downstairs, looked around and realise that the comic himself is standing at the bar.

TSM thought maybe he (or I) could persuade him to put on a show just for me. (Haha!)

I stood there thinking: Gees, if he puts on a show for me alone, will I have to laugh at all of his jokes just so he wouldn’t feel bad?

At that point, Alistair Barrie himself has come up to me, apologising that the show is cancelled, that he’s got new materials hoping to bounce off an audience, but unfortunately, just me is not gonna do. However, if I’d go on to his website and drop him a line, I might be able to smooch off him and get to see another show of his.

He offered his hand and a huge smile: “I’m Al by the way.”

I felt bad for him. Imagine no one wants to see your show?

But you know what? I travelled all that way and didn’t see a show. But I shook the hand of a very strikingly handsome man with a wonderful smile and I really appreciated the fact that he came to speak to me personally. I think I might go see him next time, just because of that.

(I know, girls are such suckers.)


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