Because your real boyfriend’s jeans wouldn’t hold up on you

This Q&A column, written tongue-in-cheek, must be the best explanation for the phenomenon of these “boyfriend’s jeans” I keep seeing in shops.

Here’s the Q and the first (and best) paragraph of the A:

Boyfriend blazer, boyfriend jeans – why do fashion magazines keep telling me to wear my hypothetical boyfriend’s clothes? And what part of his wardrobe should I steal next?

R Merrill, by email

Because having a boyfriend means you’re cool, duh, because it means you must be pretty and someone, somewhere wants to have sex with you. Did you learn nothing in high school, R Merrill? And wearing clothes that look as if you’ve nicked them from aforementioned proof of desirability suggests that maybe – just maybe – you had sex last night and have insouciantly (a pretty word for “lazily”) dressed yourself from his wardrobe as opposed to conscientiously going home to get changed properly.

Have you really thought about it? I haven’t. But I think this is probably the real marketing reason behind all these boyfriend clothes I see around these days.

Girls, we are geniusly pathetic.


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