If you see a random Chinese-looking person on the street…

…do not shout at him/her “Ni Hao!” (Hello! in Mandarin) and then giggle because:

  • she’ll think you’re an idiot
  • she does not find it funny/endearing
  • she might not actually be Chinese
  • she probably speaks English

…and if she ignores you, don’t try out “Konichiwah!” (Hello! in Japanese) because:

  • she could be Korean
  • she finds you even more irritating

…and if she is still unresponsive, do not shout out “Wo Ai Ni!” (I love you! in Chinese) because:

  • that’s how the term “stupid white men” is coined

I’d imagined if I’m actually a British-born-Chinese who does not identify with the Chinese and their culture at all, I’d be immensely annoyed.

Nasty hated it when he was in China and random people kept shouting “Hello!” in English at him and running away. WTF?

I don’t know why this keeps happening since I’ve moved. Perhaps there’s a lack of Chinese-looking Asians in this area.

What I find most offensive is that this doesn’t happen at all if Nasty is with me. So I take it this is occuring due to me being a lone foreign female, which says something about sexism and prejudice?

Or perhaps I should just take it all in stride and shout out something back in……Irish?!


3 thoughts on “If you see a random Chinese-looking person on the street…

  1. I find it so weird that that happens to you. What idiots. Kick them in the nuts. It never happens to my Chinese colleagues in Oxford, but I guess there is such a huge community of Asians there that it is not likely to happen.

  2. this is so so so true. it happens all the time. it’s particularly bad if i was wearing a dress, people just won’t leave me alone…

    i think it’s cos people are so bored that they thought by shouting something at seemingly chinese people, they could break their boredom…

    and yes, it never happens when he is around…bah

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