The Jungle

I have taken to referring to my new flat as The Jungle.

This is the view from my living room:

The Jungle

My front yard is so unkempt that we have minimal natural light in the house. It is so overgrown and covered with fallen leaves (turned mush), spider webs, weeds, once-potted plants, too-long tree branches and climbing vines I believe at least half of the yard doesn’t see sunlight.

The Jungle 2

Believe me, the yard extends much deeper into the distance than what can be seen here. I seriously wouldn’t know if an entire family of monkeys live under there.

The Jungle 3

Maybe I could hang out some bananas one day and watch a hand snatch it into the jungle.

Gee. THAT would be freaky. For my sake, let’s erase that thought.

If anyone has a pair of garden shearers to lend me (or perhaps more appropriately, a chain saw and hack knife), I would love to clear the space in time for summer barbeques – and charge my flatmates if they ever feel like using the cleared jungle. Ahhh..I am such an entrepreneur….


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