Just like Angelina

The last time I had a bicycle of my own was when I was in, I suspect, kindergarten or Grade 1, when I had an uber-cool original BMX.

It was later scrapped coz I grew up, we grew out of space and we moved away.

I’ve never had a bike since…

…until last night! Woop woop!

London is having a bike craze at the moment and I, unfortunately for my bank account, have been sucked into it.

I casually browsed gumtree.com (the UK version of Craigslist) for second-hand bikes from time to time, until I realise a third of them were stolen for sale and two-thirds are genuine people selling bikes they no longer want or need, with a third of those being too expensive, a third of those being bikes falling apart and a third of them good quality, good-priced bikes.

Needless to say, those bikes go very very fast.

Realising that, I then spent 2 weeks stalking the website and pickily texting people. All came back saying they’ve already been sold, eventhough they’ve just posted their ad up one day ago. So I realise I need to catch ads that’ve gone up within 24 hours, contact the person and basically physically get there on the same day, before anyone else does.

(Hey, you gotta work hard for what you want right?)

And that is how I spent an entire lunch time texting anyone and everyone with a reasonable bike for sale.  Three got back to me saying it’s still available, I picked the best looking one, and then the same evening travelled across the whole of London, paid £60 in cash, and rode the tube home with my “new” bike beaming like Angelina’s just adopted a baby in Africa.

I felt very smug coz even as I was trying out the bike, the guy kept getting calls and texts about it. I felt like texting each and everyone of them saying, “Haha! SUCKER!”

I was so excited about my new toy I hopped off the tube to ride it home – only to realise I’m an extremely unfit, inexperienced city rider being hit with an uphill road.

Damn. I ended up pushing my bike up the hill as others whizz by. So much for the excitement.

But still, I must have been at one of my most excited forms since getting a job and settling in my new flat!

After my little initiation into city riding, I now have much more respect for cyclists and their physique, stamina, and bravery. Being wedged between two double-decker buses is, as I found out, not fun.

Considering Angelina named her babies according to where they came from – maybe I should name my bike. Hey, guys give girl names to their cars, so maybe I should give my bike a guy name. What is a typical West London name?


3 thoughts on “Just like Angelina

  1. Well, imagine me saying: “I’m gonna take a ride on my Mohammed!” If a school teacher almost got executed for naming a teddy bear “Mohammed”, naming my bike Mohammed is probably gonna cause *some* offense. heh.

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