Sheep really do BAAAAA – loudly

Spent the four-day long Easter weekend camping in Croyde, North Devon. It’s on the south-west coast of England, facing the Atlantic Ocean and is known as a surfing destination.


(I look like an idiot. That’s why you can’t really see me there.)

At 3am, sheep woke me up by baa-ing continuously outside my tent. I used to think sheep were cute.

Sheep by the beach

Sitting on a headland, looking out at amazing views of the sea, we looked up the hill behind us, and see a woman tramping around the grass in a short plaid skirt – with no panties.

Baggy Point 1

Wet suits are surprisingly effective in protecting you against freezing cold water.

Putting on and taking off a wet suit makes me very angry.

Croyde beach

The beach was absolutely stunning.

I went boogie boarding – it was fun until my fingers and toes were so cold they hurt.

There is probably a reason why no photos of me in a wetsuit exists – they accentuate all the worst parts of your body.

Baggy Point 2

The second night, the sheep brought their cow friends along and baa-ed and moo-ed outside my tent. If only I could slap a piece of steak in their faces.

Baggy Point 4

I barely slept because it was so cold and and the outer layer of the tent kept flapping in the wind.

But during the day, the weather was amazing. The observatory forecasted wet and rainy weather, and my workmate laughed in my face when I told her I was going camping. We had bright sunshine all through the weekend!

Baggy Point 3

I had very nice steak and fish pie dinners.

The restaurants there cannot cope with a sudden surge of customers and we waited more than an hour for our meals.

I had my first banofee pie since leaving home. It was very very very nice.

Mountain sheep?



4 thoughts on “Sheep really do BAAAAA – loudly

  1. Sarah: Well, the bloody sheep were very very smart. They were no where to be seen during the day, but at night, they gather in the field just behind the tent and baa through the night…grrrr. So no, I did not wake up surrounded by sheep…

    Doreen: Seriously, I have no picture of it! It would’ve been farny though…hehe

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