More Adventures Flat-hunting in London

The flat was very airy, the views amazing. Smack right in the middle of a transport hub.

She turned on the bathroom light, “So this is the bathroom…”

I popped my head in. Everything is very clean. Two taps over the bath.

No shower head.

Thinking I must have just missed it, “Err…there is no shower?”

She looks at me straight, “No, why?”

Incredulous, I ask cautiously, “So…uh….you guys take a bath every day?!”

Now SHE looks at me incredulously, “Yeah?!”

Right then, I thought, this viewing is over.

Just before I left, I asked again, in case I was hearing things, or in case she thought I was doubting her personal hygiene.

“So, uh, it’s a bit, uh, weird there’s no shower…hmmm…”

I was hoping that she’ll go, “Oh! Shower head! OF COURSE! Hahaha…it’s just getting fixed (or whatever)!”

But she was still incredulous and just shrugged, “Yeah?!”


The thing is, the more flats you see, the more weirdos you come across, the longer your mental list of things you note to ask people. But then when you do finally encounter a sane person, THEY in turn will look at YOU incredulously, saying, “What do you mean whether you can turn the heating on anytime? OF COURSE you can!” or “What do you mean whether ‘everything’ includes internet? I mean everything!” And when you leave, they’ll turn to their friends and say, “You won’t believe these questions this crazy girl asked me just now…”


2 thoughts on “More Adventures Flat-hunting in London

  1. This feels sooo familiar. I’ve done the appartement hunting part 6 months ago in Antwerp (Belgium). I even came accross an appartment with kitchen/bathroom (yes, this was one room). This room was not bigger than a small bathroom. :-)

  2. Oh man, I would have looked at that woman like she was a freak and a half for not having a shower. I get bitchy about the shower situation in my flat because it doesn’t have a removable shower head, haha. That would be reeeeeeeeally time consuming if you had to take a bath everyday :-S

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