Hackney City Farm

Was trying to find my way to the Columbia Road Flower Market one sunny Sunday when I stumbled upon the Hackney City Farm,


where I stumbled upon giant pigs snoring in pens…


chickens who don’t give a hoot about humans (but chickens don’t hoot, do they?), walking all around us and going into the pens of all the other animals and taunting them for not being able to roam freely like they do….


sheeps with black faces…


goats with a sun-tan…

Giant pig

the biggest pig I’ve ever seen (believe me, this photo doesn’t do it justice, you MUST see it in person! When Nasty saw this photo, he was like, nah, it’s not that big. Until he went and saw it himself and he was like, yeah, that IS the biggest pig I’ve ever seen!)…

Girl and donkey

and a donkey who’s like a real-life version of Pooh’s Eeyore: he’s really just as depressed. He stood like that motionless and with that sulking face for as long as I was there.

Nasty and I went back the next Sunday for breakfast at the farm’s coffee shop and queued and queued and queued and waited and waited and waited for our Full English Breakfasts. It was crowded with screaming children and people kept streaming in. Luckily, the food was worth the wait and it’s one of the best breakfasts I’ve had here!

Combined with the Columbia Rd. Flower Market, this makes for a great morning out, esp. with the weather cooperating!


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