Reasons why I’ve been very sporadic

Having no internet at home, my new job isn’t helping.

Looking through and signing the Computer Security Policy, this is some of the many things it says:

“The use of personal screen savers and wallpaper backgrounds are prohibited.”

“Access to the Internet through the use of company facilities is provided for business purposes. Access to the web is monitored and screened in accordance with company policy.”

“Do not use internet based email accounts (such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc).”

“Within the company, websites are categorised as:

1. Business related – allowed at all times

2. Non-business related – Accessible, however, a message will suggest you should access outside work time

3. Inappropriate – not allowed at any time”

“It is company policy to monitor the use of the internet by employees and to record which websites they access.”

Bloody hell. Not even bloody wallpaper.

One thought on “Reasons why I’ve been very sporadic

  1. Hectic! I work at a uni with unlimited internet access. Actually I think this is a bad thing because I now use twitter and it distracts me far too much.

    Sometimes I wish the internet was restricted. For a few seconds and then I get over it!

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