We’ve come a long long way together

We’ve come a long long way together,

Through the hard times and the good,

I have to celebrate you baby,

I have to praise you like I should.

4 months

76 coverletters

45 agents

Innumerable phone calls

2 interviews

1 job offer

1 job

Friday, Feb. 27: Interview. Told on the spot they’d like to hire me, providing they get clearance from upper management. Tried very hard to not jump up and down. Called Nasty from the train station saying that we need to get very very drunk that night.

After a few days, with more time to let my imagination run wild, I decided not tell anyone about it. After all, I was getting a job after an interview with another company previously, only to find out a few days later they’ve been bought by another company and so I’d lost my job before I’d even started. So I’m being very cautious this time.

Monday, Mar. 2: Sent them the extra info. they requested.

Wednesday, Mar. 4 (my birthday): I get a phone call saying, “Dora, they would like to offer you a job.” Standing on Charing Cross Road behind the National Portrait Gallery, I again wanted to jump up and down. I was elated. It was certainly my best birthday EVER. I proceeded to walk the rest of the way with a big smug on my face.

Still being ultra cautious, I said I’m still not telling anyone until I actually see the contract itself.

Saturday, Mar. 7: I receive a copy of the contract through email. The hard copy is on it’s way by post.

Getting still more cautious, I’m thinking I shouldn’t tell anyone until they’ve called my referees, checked my visa, and I make it through the first day of work on March 17.

Or maybe I should just wait until I pass my 3 months probation. At which I thought, “Dora, you’re being absolutely ridiculous. You’ll never celebrate if you keep on going like this!”

And that’s why you’re reading this now.

Nasty quoted Praise You by Fat Boy Slim, because indeed, for the past few months, we’ve both been obsessed with finding me a job. Everything. EVERYTHING depended on me getting a job here. So yes, we’ve come a long long way together.

9 thoughts on “We’ve come a long long way together

  1. Wow congrats! That waiting to be employed feeling is the worst.

    I have been in my new job for three months, but I still feel like I could get fired at any minute. When the hell does this feeling wear off?

  2. Po: I’m afraid I might feel the same, at least in the first 3 months. Waiting for probation to be over is not one of the best feelings in the world!

    Doreen: Woohoo! :)

    Smiley: Yeah, I’m trying to! Though it’s a bit difficult doing it without spending any money! I wanted to travel somewhere, but can’t afford it. I will stay poor until I get my first paycheck!

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