[Kent and ]Canterbury [Hospital]


It looked like a nice town.

And that’s all I can say about it, because I spent the majority of my time there in a hospital.

I went down there on a 2 hour bus ride from London, to visit my friend Sarah.

Only to see her punch her arm through a window Hollywood-style, resulting in me calling 999 for the first time here and a looooong wait at the hospital.

Woohoo! Hey, I bet you’ve never called 999 huh? Bet you’ve never seen anyone punch a window out huh?

Humour aside, she was only trying to open a stubborn window, and ended up banging on it to get it open. The next thing I knew, I heard the “ping!” of glass breaking, big sharp shards everywhere. She looked at me. I looked at her. She looked down at her arm, looked at me again and said, “Dora.”

I took one look at her arm, told her to put it under a tap and…panicked. My first thoughts were, she wasn’t dying, so I shouldn’t call 999, but should still get her to a hospital. What are you supposed to do? So I banged on every door in the house, and the one door that opened, I babbled we-need-to-get-Sarah-to-a-hospital-but-I-am-from-London-and-I-don’t-know-who-to-call-or-what-bus-to-take-or-can-we-get-a-taxi-but-can-you-please-come-down-and-help-please? The guy looked at me blankly: “I’m from London too.” Right.

So I managed to wake the entire house up, and by that time Sarah wouldn’t stop bleeding and someone told me to just call 999. So I did, but because it wasn’t life-threatening, they sent a paramedic in a car, who drove us to the hospital.

She basically has a 2 inch gash on her arm. But because of the way it was cut, the skin split like how I usually see on pigs at butcher’s shops. You can see the whatever it was underneath and we basically just freaked out.

We were very lucky she didn’t get more seriously hurt. Considering the circumstances, imagine what would’ve happened if it was deeper and went through muscle, nerves or even an artery. She got a cut right across her wrist too, but luckily it didn’t go anywhere deep.

When we finally got back from the hospital, the boys who were cleaning up said she punched out so hard glass flew 16 feet into the front yard. Unlike Hollywood movies where glass just shatter into small pieces, the old windows here break into big dangerous shards.

Everyone in the house concluded that, if you are to piss Sarah off, remember to stay more than 16 feet away from her.

2 thoughts on “[Kent and ]Canterbury [Hospital]

  1. Hectic, poor friend and poor you! Canterbur is a great place, it was the first place I lived in in the UK.

    My neighbour punched her window out twice in anger. Our block of flats were covered in her blood for months. And she just put a black bag over the window.

  2. WHAT?! I think it’s insane to knowingly punch out a window! Seeing what I’ve seen, it’s insanely dangerous! Gosh…

    Yeah, you bet I’ll have to go back to Canterbury! (And see something else other than the hospital!)

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