“It’s a sign Dora!”

That’s what a friend said when she saw what you are about to see.

See this street? Unremarkable right?

Dora Street

See this residential building? Unremarkable too.

Dora House

Well, look closer:

Sign: Dora House

Dora House on Dora Street!

Sign: Dora Street

Oh, how I amuse myself!

(Believe me, I do not go around town looking for streets named after *ahem* me. I happened to chance upon this while looking at a map of the Limehouse area!)

4 thoughts on ““It’s a sign Dora!”

  1. Aw, you should feel honored! On a totally unrelated note, when I was in St. Andrews, Scotland, I walked past a road called “Butts Wynd.” Best. Name. Ever. Although now I regret not taking a picture of it!

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