Bristol ball

Nasty and I took a road trip down to Bristol over the weekend.

This must’ve been our first real road trip together. I put together a happy playlist for the trip, Nasty drove, and I put on some outstanding entertainment with my singing. (He might tell you otherwise, but I seriously would have no idea why anyone would have a problem with my singing.)

Bristol waterfront

Somewhere on the southwestern coast of England, Bristol is a great place to be. The weather helped too. It was sunny and warm, bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds all round. I even ditched my coat in the car for a day out! Until that day, I don’t think I’ve ever been out here without a jacket or coat before.

Bristol shopping mall roof

It’s a city big enough with everything, including a massive shopping mall, but on the other hand, it’s also got a very unique small-city/big-town-ish vibe to it. I felt that it was very quirky, artsy and creative. There are much more independing shops and businesses all round. Many of the houses may be old and narrow, but unlike London where similar places might give off a negative ghetto run-down gritty vibe, houses in Bristol have much more colour and character to them.


On the huge beautiful sky-roof of the shopping mall, we saw something I consider to be a clown who hung-himself-and-drifted-to-the-top-of-the-roof. i.e. A dead suicidal clown-corpse for all children to see. Yeay.

By the way, a shopping mall! This is the first shopping mall I’ve been in since leaving Hong Kong. Ahhh…feels just like home!

Derelict building

Perhaps greatly affected by the weather, or just the fact that I’ve escaped London or just being somewhere new, it felt very refreshing. Without the crowds of London, without the huge city feel of it, you suddenly feel like you can be someone for once; you can stand out if you want to; you can make something of yourself; you can try new things and not be shut out.

Bronze banana

See, you can even make a bronze sculpture of a banana and have that displayed in an art gallery.

To be honest, I quite liked it. It’s like a rotten banana. Only it’s not rotten. (See, I definitely show talent for art critique huh.)

Banksy 1

We also came across works by the infamous graffiti artist Banksy. Presumably. Considering he’s from Bristol, I assume they aren’t copycat works.

Banksy 2

Spot the Banksy. He had some of his work auctioned off by Christie’s for huge sums of money, to which he said something along the lines of: “I can’t believe people are paying for this shit.”

Red tsunami

Other sights we came across wandering about town: a red tsunami.

Mighty Banana van

A Mighty Banana van. No, I have no idea what a mighty banana is. Together with the rotten-but-not-rotten banana in the art gallery, maybe it’s the mascot of Bristol.


And some robotic thing Nasty, naturally, likes very much. I really wonder why.

Park Row

We went down for Jamie’s birthday, and we started the evening at The Farm, a pub in a huge stand-alone multi-storey house surounded by a big airy lawn dotted with picnic tables. It’s amazing as it seemed to be in the middle of a residential area, with proper lived in houses all around, yet here is this pub in the middle of it all. It was very lively and busy, yet not very noisy at the same time.

We later headed out to The Lanes, an American 50’s style bowling alley-cum-bar-cum-disco dance floor. It was also a lot of fun, except for the fact that, being made out to be an American diner, when I asked for iced chocolate, the guy behind the bar gave me a look. Then when I bravely made an attempt for a milkshake, he gave me The Look. So much for being an American diner. But the chilli dogs and fries were great though. They even have an old guy the age of your grandfather spinning old disco tunes to a dance floor of what could be his grandchildren!

Foosball table

Best of all, they have a foosball table. On the same par as bumper cars, it’s one of my favourite things to do. If I can afford it, I would spend a day alternating between foosball, bumper cars and rowing a boat in a park. That would definitely make a great day out. :)


3 thoughts on “Bristol

  1. I’ve never been to Bristol before, but from your pictures it looks pretty interesting. I really like Banksy’s artwork too. That bronze banana in the museum looks more like a giant turd though :P

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