Three holes in the wall

I’ve lived for a while now without a TV, and it doesn’t bother me at all.

I used to veg out in front of the TV any chance I get back in Hong Kong. But here, even when I had a TV living with Nasty, I hardly ever touched it.I guess when you’re busy and working, any chance to sit like a retard with drool coming off the corner of your mouth was a bonus.

I’ve just moved into a new flat. No TV, no problem. But blimey, I have NO INTERNET ACCESS and it’s killing me.

Now I stumble down to a coffee shop, pay for an overpriced cup of tea and rush-use the free WiFi until my battery runs out.

Smart arse these little shops – they block all the electrical outlets. Grrrrr…..

And if you do find one where you can plug in and hang out all day, great.

You set yourself up, spread your file and papers and pens and notes around, sip your cup of tea and read the news…..until you really REALLY have to pee.

Do you put your trust in humanity and dash to the bathroom and hope your gear will still be there when you come back?

Or do you just pack up your laptop, bring it with you to the bathroom and set it down on the grubby floor which might also be wet?

Or do you pack your laptop and all your notes into your backpack,  and hang your pack and coat up behind the toilet door, only to come back out and have to set up all over again?


6 thoughts on “Three holes in the wall

  1. Oh the predicaments we laptop users have to face when out and about! I usually go for “hold your pee until you get home” option. I don’t put it past somebody to steal something right out in the open :P

    I’ve gotten used to living without tv, but I would probably suffer withdrawal without internet access in my flat. That, or I would start punching my flatmates

  2. Right now, as I am typing this, I am wriggling about on my bench in a coffee shop, hoping to holding my pee until the batteries run out and I can race home!

    Considering how your flatmates seem to punch each other anyways, maybe they wouldn’t mind if you join in. ;)

  3. at my last 2 jobs where i had to pratically lug the laptop about town, when surfing at starbucks, i get the barrista to ‘look over’ my things while i make a dash for the loo. wallet + handbag, into the loo with me of course. so far, so good :)

  4. ahhh the problem of the naughties, wifi access everywhere and you have to drink tea and coffee to justify the use of their free wifi, but no catheters in sight.

    I say trust humanity. Or ask someone to watch it. THen you have someone to blame. except if they don’t speak english, that always makes for fun hand gestures…

  5. Haha! Dash, now THAT is hilarious! In addition to free Wifi and electrical outlets, coffee shops should also provide catheters that you can…umm…plug into! :D

    Doreen, this being London, I don’t have that much faith in humanity. No offense, but Nasty’s apartment block has had three break-in attempts in a month. Hmpf.

    Po, yes, I am slowly dying here. I feel like I’ve been cut off from the world. Sad, but true. And yes, I have realized it’s bloody difficult to get it installed! We don’t have a BT phone line! No one wants to pay for a one year contract coz no one knows if they’ll still be here in a year! Virgin’s optic cable doesn’t reach this area! etc etc. So I’m searching for mobile broadband now, which is fucking expensive…

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