Bricklane 2

Been suffering from a lack of words lately. I’d like to say I’ve been busy.

I’ve been looking around for rooms actually. I have to move. Again. The girl who’s holding the contract to my flat now is moving out, and no else wants to take over. Plus the landlord/agent wants to increase the rent. So what the heck.

After flapping about Bethnal Green with my flatmate Stefi, in some sort of friendly competition for the next best room, I’ve finally settled for something.


Nasty and I headed out to the Sunday Up Market and a stroll on Brick Lane 2 weekends ago. I’ve always been a bit so-so at the mention of Brick Lane. I was there in June for some curry, and that was pretty much it.

For those who don’t know London, Brick Lane is mini-Bangladesh, where curry houses line both sides of the street. At some point in time, if you want curry in London, Brick Lane is the place to go. But I think its reputation’s been put down in recent times by curry pimps standing out on the streets, and my Lonely Planet says the real curry is now down in Tooting.

But Nasty says to never trust the Lonely Liar.

Anyways, besides from being the curry lane of London, it’s also become a very hip and fashionable area, with art galleries, artsy-fartsy shops, record stores, clothing stores, a market with stalls of independent fashionable goods and cool food stalls, coming alive at night with the abundance of pubs, bars, and clubs.

Right opposite that cafe-in-a-bus above, there is a steak-in-a-baguette joint where Nasty declares he’s just had the best steak sandwich EVER in his entire life.

I’ve always been wary of too-hip places and so have never been all that bothered about Brick Lane. But the Sunday stroll (and obviously, the sandwich) proved it worthy of a go. This coffee-shop-in-the-daytime-turn-bar/club-at-night  below turns out to be a very cool hangout charging only about 89p for a cup of tea. (Most respectable places charge at least £1.50.)

Bricklane 1

Flat-searching is not fun. And believe me, neither is doing it thrice in as many months. It takes so much motivation to go out and look at that first flat, but then it gets better once you’ve seen one. Really, the only reason I got round to looking at rooms this time is because Stefi started doing it first, then comes back to tell me horror stories, and so I start my own Panic Flat Search. It’s always like that, with most things I do….Panic Plane Ticket To Beijing Search. Panic Job Search.

For me, Panic Mode tends to get things done.



3 thoughts on “bricks

  1. oooo. now it makes sense. brick lane. there was this book i read, about an indian (or was it bangladeshi) family living in london, and the title of the book – brick lane.

    good luck with the flat hunting again!

  2. Yep yep! I’ve been meaning to have a go at that book too! Is it good? Heard it won some awards…but from experience, books that win awards aren’t all that entertaining…heheh…

    Yeah, and Brick Lane is like the Chinatown for Indians/Bangladeshis…

  3. heh, i liked it. cos ive always loved stories about down-trodden women. in the case of brick lane, this lady married this old and fat indian man (arranged marriage) who lives in brick lane, and her being the subservient wife yada yada yada. her struggles, her dreams, etc.

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