Random thought: Teabags

Why does my office put teabags in the fridge?

I found this draft buried amongst many in my bin of trash posts. I actually do remember writing this. Months and months ago, sitting in my office in Hong Kong. Imagine the mundane-ness of my office life then that brought me to think about things like this. Brrrrr….

And yes, I did eventually ask about it, and it’s because the secretary was afraid ants or roaches would crawl into the boxes.

Hmmm…actually, that gives me a thought: Would ants and roaches like and eat teabags?


2 thoughts on “Random thought: Teabags

  1. The thing with my job was that, besides from being mundane, I didn’t really have that much to do…..and so I spent my days sitting there thinking and typing – just not related to work!

    I guess it’s whole other thing to have mundane work, and have lots of it continuously.

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