If I could

I wrote this yesterday:

I am so frustrated, if I could, I would smash my laptop against the corner of my “desk” and then throw it out the window.

I would pull my lamp from its plug and fling it against the wall baseball-style.

I would take my hockey stick and bash my bedside table to pieces.

I would rip my wardrobe doors off with my bare hands and smash my windows with them.

I would light a match and burn up all my books and entire folder of job-search papers.

I would grab a kitchen knife of the counter and bash it into my mattress.

I would take out all my food out from the fridge and stamp on them with my boots.

I would tear my shirts and jumpers and jeans apart and throw them into the fire.

I would smash my glasses and cups and plates onto the wall.

I would throw my phone onto the ground and stomp on it until it becomes an unrecognizable piece of shit.

I would pick up my hockey stick again and bash the thin walls in.

That is my way of venting my frustrations – through imagination, visualisation and keyboard.

Does it help? Not really. I just feel myself getting angrier and angrier.

If only.


2 thoughts on “If I could

  1. Man, what was in the air yesterday? I wrote the bloodiest of bloody horror-stories on a piece of paper during a train journey. I just wanted to scream and bash someone on the head… I destroyed the piece of paper later, it was god awful what I wrote.
    I can relate to those feelings of yours.

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