The White Stuff

I looked out my window on Monday morning and this is what I saw:


London came to a stand still as all public bus services were cancelled for the first time in living memory, flights were delayed/cancelled, and tube lines were suspended/delayed/disrupted.

Knowing the TFL, I bet they were gonna be anyways regardless of the snow. They just thought it convenient to blame the weather.


As I took this photo on a street corner, I felt 4 snowballs being belted at me from the apartments above. Unfortunately for them, they all landed about a foot away from me.

Unknown to me, this was the start of me being The Snowball Target of East London.

Later, as I walked under a bridge, I saw a shadow on the ground of someone raising an arm with a snowball in his hand. Two seconds later, a snowball fell next to me.

As I left a park, a snowball flew smack into the back of my head.

As I walked to the library, I felt a snowball on my elbow.

Hint: Do not go out into the snow when kids are just getting out of school.

Regent's Canal

It was still snowing quite heavily as I walked to Victoria Park. I thought someone should invent wind screen wipers for glasses. Or glasses-wipers.


The small-lake/very-big-pond at Victoria Park.

I don’t actually mind the cold at all when it snows.

Victoria Park

It gives me a more legitimate reason to wear 4 layers on my body, 2 layers for my legs, plus mittens, earmuffs, hat and scarf.

It makes me think I’m very smart and prepared coz I have water-proof thermal-layered snow-boots. (Bought at a time when snow isn’t known to fall in London.)

I can make everyone look like nerds coz I can jump into foot-deep snow, splash around in slush, and have fun and not be worried about freezing my toes off or getting my socks wet.

Oh, and of course, everything looks very very pretty.


I don’t understand why dogs doesn’t need thermal boots. I mean, it’s not like they’re used to the snow or anything. As a matter of fact, we should totally like cut their paws off and layer them onto our boots. If there’s a demand for it, I bet China would make it.


And of course, we get to make a big ass snowman! This dude is at least 2 meters tall and unlike every other snowman in the park, ours had arms! Woohoo! So much so that many others came over to take pictures.

Please snow again?! HEAVILY?


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