I *heart* Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown Twat

My friend from uni., who’s been studying in Nice, France, is currently staying with me on a week-long visit to London.

As a result, I think I’ve seen more of London in the past few days than I have in the past few months put together.


I’m also convinced that I now have the map of eastern-central London imprinted in my head.

Without having Nasty (and his geeky GPS-phone-thing) to rely on for directions, we’ve been wandering around London on foot, stopping every few blocks to study our maps.


We basically walked from Liverpool St. to the Tower of London and then onto Borough Market, and the next day from the Tate Modern up to Chinatown and then to Oxford Circus.

Believe me when I say – it’s a damn long way.

Street sign

I sprained my ankle just before she arrived too. So imagine 2 days of London, on foot, with a sprained ankle.

The great thing though, is that you see so much more of a city then when you spend most of your time on the Tube. You come across things you otherwise wouldn’t see.

Housing estate

Being forced to look at maps and find your way to places, you get more of a feel for where things are in relation to each other, how far apart they are, in which area of the city buildings are, etc etc. You come away knowing much more about the place.

Now if only it’s not so bloody exhausting!


And will someone please tell me, what is a traffic cone doing on top of a bus stop?!


2 thoughts on “I *heart* Gordon Brown

  1. I love walking around London, but I find myself getting really frustrated after awhile just because there are so many people you have to push your way past, :P

    The other day Chris and I were talking about random things we’ve seen sitting on top of the bus stops. I saw a necklace and a boot, and he saw a tiara. Maybe it’s some sort of weird art installation!

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